Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bonus Tracks: "The Bread Guy" and "Pink Slip"

My story, "The Bread Guy", was included as part of Chick Lit Shorties' Launch Event for their new web site. This is a fiction piece, but before I was happily married, I did have some weird dates just like the protagonist.
After you read the story, be sure to check out my bio.

 "Pink Slip", a 50 word story, was also published on 50 to 1 today.

I encourage you to check out work by the other writers on both sites. I am honored to be included with such talented writers!


  1. Thanks, Glen! I am honored to have my piece included on 50 to 1, and I will send more pieces soon!

  2. Jen, a great pair of stories...comments at both places. I love 50 to 1 as well. Well done!!